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Villa aforada. A comienzos del s. VI, p. Elecciones en el siglo XIX. Elecciones generales del 1-XI Rivas Conservador 43 Perezagua Socialista 0 [ Ref. Elecciones generales del 5-III Elecciones generales del IV Elecciones generales del III Elecciones Elecciones generales del V Elecciones generales del IX Organochlorine pesticides, due to their hydrophobic nature and persistence, accumulate in tissues rich in lipids, which had been used as a biomarker for environmental pollution.

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In humans, organochlorine pesticides are continuously circulating and equilibrating among body compartments. Our hypothesis is that concentrations of organochlorine pesticides will increase just as lipid concentrations.

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Levels of organochlorine pesticides were divided in ascending tertils according to their total lipid content. The linear trend model applied surprisingly reveals that the average level of all organochlorine pesticides decreases as the lipid concentration increases. We conclude that the levels and the orderly sequence of organochlorine pesticide distributions in the blood serum maintain an inverse relationship to total lipid blood serum concentrations.

Its volcanic style diversity and oblique orientation to the trench are explained by the large along-strike variations in the subduction parameters of the Rivera and Cocos plates. However, the abrupt termination of the TMVB on its eastern end with the Pico de Orizaba volcano is puzzling as the current slab model suggests that the transition of the Cocos flat-slab geometry to normal subduction is smooth through this region.

There is evidence that suggests that a tear in the slab might be developing, but it is unclear how this feature can support the unusually large topographic gradient that connects the volcanic high peaks with the Veracruz basin just south of the volcanic front. To provide further insight into the transition anatomy of this portion of the slab, and its relation with surface topography, we present a detailed and unified model of the structure of the crust and uppermost mantle built from fundamental-mode Rayleigh and Love surface waves, and high-quality arrival-time data of regional and teleseismic earthquakes.

The anisotropic behavior of the subsurface of this region and its relation with present and past flow of material is also quantified and integrated into the model to explain the tectonic evolution of this area. Wilde, M. The State of Veracruz Mexico is a region which is highly affected by landslides, therefore detailed studies on triggering factors and process dynamics of landslides are required. Profound insights are essential for further hazard assessments and compilation of susceptibility maps.

Exemplary landslide sites were investigated in order to determine characteristic features of specific regions.

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In the Chiconquiaco Mountain Range numerous damaging landslide events occurred in the year of and our case study corresponds to a deep-seated landslide originating from this slide-intensive year. The main scientific aspects are placed on the reconstruction of the landslides geometry and its process dynamics. Therefore, surface and subsurface analysis form the base of a multimethodological approach. In order to perform surface analysis, aerial photographs were collected by an unmanned aerial vehicle UAV aiming at the generation of a 3D model with the Structure from Motion SfM work routine.

Ground control points GCP were used to ensure the geometric accuracy of the model. The obtained DEM of the slide mass as well as an elevation model representing the topographic situation before the event year were used to detect surface changes. The data enabled determination of the most affected areas as well as areas characterized by secondary movements.

Furthermore, the volume of the slide mass could be calculated. Geophysical methods, as electrical resistivity tomography ERT as well as seismic refraction tomography SRT , were applied for subsurface analysis. Differences in subsurface composition, respectively density, allowed for separation of the slide mass and the underlying unit.

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Most relevant for our studies is the detection of an earlier landslide leading to the assumption that the landslide event corresponds to a reactivation process. This multimethodological approach enables a far-reaching visualization of complex landslides and strongly supports the. The isolated bacterial strains were identified using biochemical and morphological characterization and the analysis of their 16S rDNA gene, as Enterobacter cloacae strain PMM16 E1 and E.

The E1 strain was able to degrade endosulfan, whereas the M1 strain was capable of degrading both pesticides. The E1 strain degraded The absence of metabolites, such as endosulfan sulfate, endosulfan lactone, or endosulfan diol, would suggest degradation of endosulfan isomers through non-oxidative pathways. Malathion was completely eliminated by the M1 strain.

The major metabolite was butanedioic acid. There was a time-dependent increase in bacterial biomass, typical of bacterial growth, correlated with the decrease in pesticide concentration. The CO 2 production also increased significantly with the addition of pesticides to the bacterial growth media, demonstrating that, under aerobic conditions, the bacteria utilized endosulfan and malathion as a carbon source.

Here, two bacterial strains are shown to metabolize two toxic pesticides into non-toxic intermediates. Over the past 20 years, the biodiversity associated with shaded coffee plantations and the role of diverse agroforestry types in biodiversity conservation and environmental services have been topics of debate. Endophytic fungi, which are microorganisms that inhabit plant tissues in an asymptomatic manner, form a part of the biodiversity associated with coffee plants.

Studies on the endophytic fungi communities of cultivable host plants have shown variability among farming regions; however, the variability in fungal endophytic communities of coffee plants among different coffee agroforestry systems is still poorly understood. As such, we analyzed the diversity and communities of foliar endophytic fungi inhabiting Coffea arabica plants growing in the rustic plantations and simple polycultures of two regions in the center of Veracruz , Mexico. The endophytic fungi isolates were identified by their morphological traits, and the majority of identified species correspond to species of fungi previously reported as endophytes of coffee leaves.

We analyzed and compared the colonization rates, diversity, and communities of endophytes found in the different agroforestry systems and in the different regions. Although the endophytic diversity was not fully recovered, we found differences in the abundance and diversity of endophytes among the coffee regions and differences in richness between the two different agroforestry systems of each region.

No consistent pattern of community similarity was found between the coffee agroforestry systems, but we found that rustic plantations shared the highest number of morphospecies. The results suggest that endophyte abundance, richness, diversity, and communities may be influenced predominantly by coffee region, and to a lesser extent, by the agroforestry system. Our results contribute to the knowledge of the relationships between agroforestry systems and biodiversity conservation and provide information regarding some endophytic fungi and.

Diversity and communities of foliar endophytic fungi from different agroecosystems of Coffea arabica L.

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The population that lives in areas where organochlorine pesticides were spread in the past is still exposed to them through contaminated food, particulate matter, and vapors. Due to their lipophilic properties and resistance to metabolic reactions, they accumulate in tissues and fluids rich in lipids. The aim of the study was to monitor the concentrations of organochlorine pesticides in forensic adipose tissue samples of adult inhabitants of Veracruz City, Mexico, and compare their time trend levels from to Our survey was divided into two periods: first, from the years to , during which DDT was allowed to fight malaria and dengue vectors and the second from the years to , after the DDT ban.

A total of samples were analyzed. There were substantial differences in the forecasted time trend values of p,p'-DDE and p,p'-DDT in human adipose tissue samples in the two different periods. During the first period, p,p'-DDE decrease time trend was 1. The different concentrations may be explained by the cessation of fresh exposure after the first period and a more equilibrated decontamination tendency during the second period.

This model was useful to show the decrease in the concentration of pesticides in human adipose tissue samples. The green iguana Iguana iguana is said to be primarily sedentary, although the females travel long distances to nest. Displacement patterns must be known to help predict the effects of environmental disturbance on iguanas' survival.

Individual movements and activity were monitored by radio tracking.

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The transmitters were implanted surgically in eight adult iguanas four males and four females. Snout vent length SVL was used to determine the relationship between size of the body and size of home range. To estimate the size of home range, three or more points were used. The occupation area mean was larger for males 9, Seagrasses in coastal environments have been threatened by increased human activities; these have negatively altered processes and environmental services, and have decreased grassland areas.

Two different reefs were selected: Sacrificios in the North and near the coast, and Cabezo in the South and away from the coast. Shoot-specific and area-specific characteristics of submerged macrophytes meadows present were determined, and four morpho-functional groups were identified. A supervised classification of spatial high-resolution image verified with field data was performed 55 Sacrificios and Cabezo.

The fragmentation level was calculated using landscape metrics, class level and thematic maps were made based on four covers. Cabezo presented grasses with short 9 cm and thin leaves 0. Although Cabezo reef presents further fragmentation, which creates a large number of microenvironments, being recognized for its importance as recruitment area.